Ruby and Ruby on Rails Hands-on Workshop

A hands-on learning experience on Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework

Ruby and Rails Hands-on Workshop

In this hands-on workshow, you will get the practical learning experience of Ruby language and Ruby on Rails framework.

Why learn Ruby?

Many companies like GitHub, SoundCloud, Shopify and others use Ruby due to many reasons. Following are some of the common reasons:

  • Ruby is a free and open-source language. Check its source code.
  • It’s a cross-platform programming language and runs on major operating systems like Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  • The syntax in Ruby is very simple to be close to the English language. You don’t have to spend much effort and time memorizing what symbols mean to write code. Following is one such example:

    puts "Welcome to Ruby" if user.is_beginner?
  • Ruby is commonly used in startups as you can use it to build complete apps in a relatively short amount of time with a small team of developers.
  • Ruby has a huge, vibrant and helpful community where developers are willing to help beginners. If you are in Nepal, check the Ruby Nepal Community.

What is Ruby used for?

Ruby is a general-purpose programming language and it has been used for many different purposes. Following are top places where Ruby can be used:

  • Web development: One of popular web frameowkr, Ruby on Rails, is built in Ruby. Ruby on Rails was first released in 2005 and one of the most popular web frameworks since then. We will see more about Ruby on Rails in the below section.
  • DevOps
    • Vagrant is a tool written in Ruby that helps developers to manage lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments through Virtual Machines.
    • Chef and Puppet are other DevOps tools written in Ruby that help in configuring a server or application with simple configuration files. These tools make sure that the applications will run correctly wherever they are deployed.
  • Automation: Ruby is also a scripting language that help developers write scripts quickly which can be used to automate manual processes.

Why learn Ruby on Rails?

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