The content of the syllabus is still in building stage. However, you can still begin your learning.

Welcome to HTML and CSS foundation course!

This course has been designed to get the basic understanding of HTML and CSS to the mastery of these skills

This course has been designed with the intention of being used in an interactive online or classroom teaching session.
Feel free to use it for your self-learning purpose.

The course has been divided into different sections with a section goal.

Points to remember

  • Code snippets can be copied by selecting the code inside the gray area.
  • The code examples has been tried in specific OS/Ruby version (macOS/Ubuntu 18.04 and Ruby 2.7.1). In most of the cases, you will have the same output.
  • Check the Learning Notations section below to see important notations used.
  • The course can be properly viewable in mobile and tablet.
  • This can be considered as the comprehensive course.
Use Desktop for the best learning experience as you can practice the code snippet along with.

Learning Notations

Info: Indicates some information.
Warning: Indicates warning.
Recommended: Indicates recommendation.
Important: Indicates important point or phrase.
Caution: Indicates caution.